Skateboarding Flip Tricks for Beginners: Conquer every move with 5 simple steps

Are you looking to start street skateboarding or refine your skills?

Even if you have no experience regardless of your age or gender, we'll show you how to identify, balance, prepare and land over 10 of the most common flip tricks.

Imagine hitting the the street and skate parks with the confidence, balance and finese to land several tricks naturally. It's completely possible, just follow our 5 simple steps for each trick and you'll be having more fun shredding in no time.

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This book has been an absolute game-changer for me! As an adult beginner, I had struggled with flip tricks and balance on a skateboard, but this book broke down everything into simple steps that made it all click. It's like having a personal skateboarding mentor. Thanks to this guide, I've not only shattered my misconceptions about skateboarding but also gained the confidence and skills I never thought possible. If you're in my shoes, don't hesitate to grab this book; it's a total game-changer! I've listened to the audiobook a couple of times and I learn more each time.

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